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No Sebum Mineral Powder 5g

IDR 85.000

What it is

A replacement for oil control paper that leaves the skin soft and matte

1. The double sebum-control system controls the secretion of sebum to keep the skin soft and fresh all day long.

2. Jeju minerals and mint control skin oil and moisture to keep skin healthy.

How to use

In the last stage of your skincare or makeup routine, use the powder puff to gently apply powder around your entire face or on areas with a high sebum concentration.


13 August 2017
Kadang bisa nahan minyak, kadang minyakan parah
Fitriyanti Ekaputri
Kalo cuma pake skincare & sentuhan terakhir nya bedak ini it works to hold oily in my skin. But when I wear skincare lanjut makeup trus dibaking pake bedak ini, kenapa jadi kilang minyak ya? Oily parah :( bau nya juga terlalu mengganggu menurutku, bau mineral jeju begini ya? Huhu