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Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

IDR 120.000IDR 99.000


The goddess of love and beauty inspired this sensual nude hue. Be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your inner goddess with this Hydra-Matte liquid lipstick. Opaque and matte but with a comfortable burst of moisture so you can wear this lip color for hours.


Serenity is a beautiful warm pink, with hints of brown, a very comfortable non-drying matte formula that feels as if there is nothing on your lips! I named this color after a big inspiration of mine growing up; Sailor Moon. Yes I know its a children’s Japanese anime but it was one of the first shows that I ever saw that portrayed a powerful woman who goes from a dorky school girl to a crime fighting vixen and that really resonated with me! It takes me to a place of serenity in the same way that makeup does.


02 April 2016
Serenity is the best
adong mega
Tampilannya wah bgt,harga nya ga terlalu mahal,hasilnya sempurna banget.aku siy paling cocok serenity berasa seksi bgt gtu deh bibir klo uda pake yg satu ini,hiks hiks
02 April 2016
originality: guaranteed!
Nindita Pramesthi
First I found this precious website in instagram i thought "okay let's try to buy some products". And when the product has arrived it was a total satisfaction. I have no doubt about the quality as well.
next purchase, i really just need to sit and relax while ordering new items that i interested, paid, then wait to the next days for the products to arrived!
i mean, it is so easy with no worries to ordering via
What i am worry is just the items sold so fast! i have to be quickly. oops what i already missed again? hahhaa