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Facial Mask Mates

IDR 125.000

The Facial Mask Mates set from ecoTools is specially designed for an at home spa facial experience. This set includes a Mask Applicator Brush + 3 Mask Remover Sponges.

The Mask Applicator Brush is designed with soft, flat bristles to evenly apply cream, gel, or clay masks for full coverage, mess-free. The Mask Remover Sponges, made from natural plant pulp, help to remove excess product while gently exfoliating the skin for a smoother, more radiant appearance. Facial Mask Mate brush is latex-free.


30 May 2018
Renova Edralin Choandy
Kuasnya emang mantep bgt pas dipakenya.. susah nemuin kuas yg bisa dipake utk tekstur clay mask, tp bgitu nemu ini rasanya udah pas bgt.. gampang dibersihkan juga..