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Camouflage Cream Wake Up Effect

IDR 47.000


The matt Camouflage Cream neutralises and covers skin imperfections. It has an extremely high coverage, but is perfectly blendable due to its creamy consistency. The pink shade hides dark circles under the eyes. The result is a beautifully even and flawless complexion. 

  • Covers dark circles under the eyes
  • Creamy texture with a high coverage
  • For a smooth, even skin tone


25 January 2018
It's Concealer
Dewi Rosari Indah Sibarani
Make ini karena mata panda sy parah..kirain g hrs pake orange corrector lg klo pake ini..g tw'a sm j..jatuh'a c jd bagus klo pake orange corrector..Tp bagus'a g bkin cakey lho g kyk yg lain..